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For Those About to Square We Salute You

Pipe fitting squares for pipe fitters and welders.

CNC Router cut aluminum radius squares allow you to fit using fewer tools, go faster, be more accurate with no measuring. Radius Squares are simple and to the point. The squares were developed to press against the side of pipe when you see no gap you are perfectly square eliminating the need for a tape measure or an additional helper. The task of squaring can now be accomplished easily and with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

These tools have the ability to jump over the weld zones and fittings to press against the sides of each pipe connected to the fitting, avoiding inside corner interference.  The Radius Square can be used on welded pipe, bent pipe structural steel, plate and tubing or anywhere you have corner interference.




Be faster and more accurate at squaring: fitting to pipe, pipe to pipe, flange to pipe and base plate to pipe using one tool, no tape measure needed.


Works on butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings, bent pipe, beams and plates.



Anywhere you want to get a perfect 45° or 90° fit



“Radius Square has improved efficiency, accuracy and over all the bottom line” -Hugh M

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